Things to do before SEO – Making business is more important than SEO, SEM and SMO or Email marketing. Search engine optimization is the process to get ranked higher In SERPs however, ranking on the top of any search result is not enough to convert website traffic into business. We have to make a proper business strategy to value the traffic on the blog or business website.

They landed here because of a reason. If the landing fails to deliver what the users are looking for, it will be a breakdown of the business. SEO is the only part where the website page can get ranked higher in search engine result pages, and once the pages ranked higher, it is evident that the traffic to the ranking website will grow.

Now, What Next? Next is nothing the webmasters have to make it earlier. Before planning the website to get ranked higher in SERPs, I think they must plan the business.

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If you are one of those who had a plan to get the business online, then here are the things you should take care of at the first place;

1. Business Name
2. Hosting Manager
3. Website & Data Security
4. Website Design
5. Content on the Website
6. Call to Actions
7. Quality of Product
8. After Sales Services
9. Receiving Feedback

Business (Brand) Name


Most of SEO professional and digital marketer suggest us to purchase the keywords name domain so it may become easier to get ranked higher in SERP’s. It might help them, but what about the rich feel of Brand. It is missing. Moreover, the pages might get ranked and also can get traffic and may also convert some audience into business, but the business is missing a broader audience to grab.

People love to join a brand than just a website selling some relevant products. Example; the business is travel you purchased a domain for North India “NorthIndiaTravelTrip(dot)com”, and one of your competitors purchased “”, which once sounds premium?

People will remember the brand name rather than the randomly purchased domain. Most of the premium audience now have started avoiding such websites.

Hosting Manager

hosting manager Things to do before search engine optimization

There are more than 10000 hosting services provider, and everyone has put a mark on its website that we are the best and number one company. No one is saying that I am in second place.

To save money, we think getting cheaper hosting plan would be an excellent decision. Yes, it is possible to save a little money by compromising security and uptime value of the website.

I am not saying that you need super and highly performing servers like Facebook and Microsoft. However, you must get at least a better one which provides more safety to the website data and customers who are visiting the website. It also helps the website’s SEO Score.

Website & Data Security

Website & Data Security what to do before SEO

Once the pages are starting ranking higher, and the landing page view is growing, then it will start getting business leads. Now, the security of the data provided by the users is again the primary concern. There are more than 100s of things which must be taken cared of and keep the data encrypted. So, the user never hesitates to fill the data.

Here we lose more than 25% of premium customers.

An encrypted SSL is a must, and it is not done yet, the webmasters must have more security option and encryptions so that they can protect the website from unwanted scripts and contents.

Just think the website is ranking higher in SERPs, and it is not secure. The user will not fill the form and will not perform lead generation actions.

Website Design

Website Design

Search Engine ranks are must to grow the online business. Furthermore, once we welcomed the audience now, the landing page must be well designed and structured. It just simple, we are asking people to visit our home then it is our primary duty to keep it clean and well organized. If things are not well structured, then people will start ignoring, and they will be visiting the next door.

So, the design of the landing page must be attractive and also conversion friendly. Moreover, the proper placement of call to actions is a must as well.

Content on the Website

Content on the Website what are the things to do before SEO

To sale anything, the business needs a sales associate. However, when we are doing online business, we do not have a salesman. Now it is the content published on the pages which can bring business. That is why the plagiarised content is not working anymore. However, in some circumstances, it may work, but right now we are getting the business we cannot put the entire business in jeopardy. SEO may rank the copied content, but it is not sure if these copies content brings sales.

Call to Actions

Call to Actions

“Call us Now”, “Join us” or “Buy now”, the placement of such term which are known as CTA’s very important. These have to be very calculative. Placing a call to action back to back on screen may irritate the customer. And it will.

What if we visit a store and the salesman ask us again and again, buy it, buy it, buy it, seriously. I think we left the store without making any purchase and also never come back to shop again.

This is what we call relation, no matters if the user does not buy the product even do not like it. The user should never hate the product we are offering. So, when once the quality of the product gets better, the user will never hesitate to explore the products again.

Quality of the Products

Quality of the Products

On the internet, we only sale emotions and needs. So, the quality of emotions must be attracted to the products we are selling there. It is not just a product we sale it the reputation we have to manage.

So, never think about how to cut the cost go for the best quality products, and on the internet, there is an audience set available.

Again ranking is not a factor here. If the quality of the products is not right in then, I assure the search engine optimization efforts are wasted.

After Sales Services

Getting a new customer is ten times expensive than selling the products to existing customers. So, no matter how fewer customers at the beginning the business has, the only thing that matters is how are we are serving the after-sales services to the customers. So, not in online business, it is important to stay connected with the buyers and keep them posted.

Which increase the level of trust, and once they do mouth publicity believe it, this much better than any digital marketing strategies.

Receiving Feedback

Receiving Feedback

Getting feedback on the services is an art. Most of the people never give five stars rating and write kind words even after delivering more than the promised they might cut few stars for the future mistakes 😛

However, receiving feedback online now becomes an art. We have to follow creativity and get some ideas to get quality feedback. Sometimes getting ranked high is not enough to make money out of it. However, if there are more than 100 and 1000 of people saying to buy the product, then the user will think twice before leaving the store.

In the online market, everyone is trying to roast its chicken. SEO agencies are calling back to back to get SEO and ranks done at higher positions. However, these are the essential things one must take care of before starting any online business.

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