SEO vs SEM, which is better and why?

SEO vs SEM? Search engine optimization and Search engine marketing are the two most powerful weapons of a digital marketer. Finding the right answer for which one is better than others would be a tough task.

However, you can see the term “Search Engine”, is common in both SEO & SEM. Which means to execute SEO or SEM, Search Engine is the one which is a must.

What are the definitions?

Now understand the definition of these different digital marketing strategies. Search Engine Optimization is a process to drive traffic to a website or blog but organically. Which mean that particular traffic for the website owner doesn’t have to pay. And to drive such traffic to the website, it must be ranked higher in the search engine result page.


Search engine marketing is also the same. We drive traffic to the website, but this time we have to pay for each click to the website. As we have to pay for per click Search engine marketing is also very well known as Pay Per Click marketing.


It again starts storming your brain about which one you should choose. However, most of the digital marketer say that PPC is much better than SEO, and some of them say the vice versa. And then it becomes confusing.

However, in my opinion, I say both are super reliable digital marketing weapons, and we can’t win a game without striker and defender.

It is as simple as how to win a battle. You can’t ignore the strength of anyone.

Same in marketing Search engine optimization and Search engine marketing both are isolated types of marketing and to get the maximum conversion to grow a business, we need to choose the right path.

Business lead and conversions are the only need for a business owner, and it is essential to drive a lot of relevant audience to the business website to get the maximum results.

At this crucial point, it is imperative to choose the right route to get most business-relevant traffic.

And here to decide what is the best way; Search engine optimization, Search engine marketing, Social media, or email marketing.

Well, it depends on the business. If the company is related to News and Publishing, then share of the marketing strategies will be shifted to Social media, not SEO and PPC.

As if you are a travel agency then SEO, SEM, SMM and Email you have to go with the overall marketing plan. Travel business is a competitive field and traveller are available at all of these platforms.

So finally it depends on the business, PPC or SEO. We can also get traffic with so many unique ideas and sell the product, and you need to be creative. Find an idea of how to get more traffic, and you will find the answer to Search Engine Optimization of Search Engine Marketing.

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